iHelpMe Limited was established by an experienced team with complimentary skills (Subject Matter Expertise, Business Analysis and Project Management, Solution and Application Architecture) and a proven delivery track record with access to a pool of tried and tested colleagues that can be brought on board to create a focused delivery team within the Health Care Space.

Our primary focus is the Healthcare IT Market where we can offer delivery of defined work packages to agreed time scales and budgets.

Our people consists of experienced teams with complementary skills to ensure they have the breadth of expertise to clients requirements.

Our Principles — We believe that:

· the success of any clinical transformation initiative is dependent on how value is driven through an organization and the importance of the appropriate involvement/integration of people, process and technology.

· value is created through the effective integration of three key management areas of focus:

· Change – dealing with organizational issues derived from the interaction of people with the way they do their work.

· Implementation – resulting from the intersection of process with the technology (e.g. clinical information systems) used to support work processes.

· Enablement – assuring the proper use of technologies by focusing on how people use them effectively

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